Tax Preparation Services Provided by Highly-Qualified CPAs

There are many tax-preparation firms out there and even software programs that allow you to prepare returns yourself.  What those services are lacking is a thorough understanding of the current tax laws, how they interplay, how your business is affected by them, and even how to properly report your income and expense items.  All of Bucknam & Conley CPAs’ tax work, from research to tax returns, to negotiating with the IRS when needed, is performed by highly qualified CPAs and this makes all the difference. We are continually monitoring tax changes, investing in the best education for our CPAs, and addressing how changes impact our clients proactively.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Carissa has been my personal and professional accountant for the past 15 years.  I am difficult.  Carissa’s professionalism and dedication to details keeps things moving.  I can’t imagine going through the tax process every year without her.  Thank you Carissa!”

Edward Bogdan

Bogdan Lasky, LLC